Richard Ford Ph.D.

Technologist, Researcher

About Me

I am the Chief Technology Officer at Praetorian, and I oversee technical direction and innovation throughout the business. I graduated from the University of Oxford in 1992 with a D.Phil. in Quantum Physics. Since that time, I’ve worked extensively in the area of computer security and malicious mobile code prevention. Previous projects include work on the Computer Virus Immune System at IBM Research, development of the world’s largest web hosting system whilst Director of Engineering for Verio, and as a University Professor at the Florida Institute of Technology, where I founded the Harris Institute and worked as Head of the University’s Computer Science and Cybersecurity Department. In my last role, I served as CTO for Cyren, where I ran Engineering and Detection. Previously, I was Chief Scientist and also as CTO for Forcepoint. I am a member of CARO, and a past President/CEO of AMSTO, the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization. When not carrying out research in Computer Security, I love to fly, and am an instrument rated private pilot, and a three-time winner of the National Flute Association’s Big Band Jazz competition.

  • Technical
    Both Offensive and Defensive Security
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    Motivated, Driven, Fair
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    IFR Pilot, Tennis, Flute

With over 20 years experience working in the field of Computer Security, I have been fortunate to gain a broad set of experiences ranging from low-level Assembly exploit discovery and mitigation, through Architecture, and M&A work.

Experience – Highlights

Chief Technology Officer, Praetorian

2021 to Present

Working as Chief Technology Officer for Praetorian, a hyper-growth Cybersecurity company headquartered in Austin, TX, that specializes in both Offensive and Defensive security technologies.

Chief Technology Officer, Cyren

2019 to 2021

Recruited by the Board to serve as the Chief Technology Officer of the company. Driving technology excellence in both detection and delivery to enable best-in-class threat detection to customers.

Chief Scientist Forcepoint

2015 to 2019

Served as Chief Scientist and Chief Technology Officer for Forcepoint. In either role my responsibilities were to drive the technical direction of the company and grow a culture of innovation.

Harris Prof. of Computer Science, Florida Tech.

2003 to 2015

Founded NSA/DHS Designated National Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research, and built team around core IA mission. Awarded multiple millions in grants, and stood up Harris Institute for Assured Information, the result of a $5 million gift to Florida Tech. Held endowed chair in Computer Science, and served as Department Head for over a year. Published multiple peer-reviewed papers, and graduated PhD and Masters students. During tenure at the University, also supported multiple high-profile IP Litigation cases as an Invalidity Expert and Consulting Export.

CTO Cenetec Ventures

2000 to 2002

Carried out all deal screening and technical M&A support for Center Ventures, a boutique investment company specializing in early stage technology companies. Built out entire technical infrastructure of the company as a founder. Worked closely with regional and national VC companies to shepherd advancing companies through the fundraising process.

Director of Engineering, Verio NTT

1998 to 2000

Owned all R&D at rapidly-growing Tech Startup that was sold to NTT for over $5 billion. Responsibilities included architecting changes to worldwide web-hosting infrastructure, developing IP, and leading internal “skunk works” designed to drive new technologies into the product line.

Researcher, IBM Research

1997 to 1998

Split time between active research in IBM’s High Integrity Computing Lab and anti-malware technology, and running the QA Team for IBM AntiVirus. Worked closely driving technical innovation worldwide.


University of Oxford

1986 to 1992

I spent six wonderful years at The Queen’s College, Oxford, studying physics, and completed my Bachelors, Masters and D.Phil. (Ph.D.) in Physics there. During my time there I was awarded two scholarships, the most prestigious being made the Senior Taberdar during my D.Phil. Whilst at Oxford, I also ran the college computer lab.


Email is by far the best way to reach me. As I travel internationally frequently, please be patient if I do not immediately reply.

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